Transworld Security Services has extensive experience delivering a full range of security services to a demanding market.
Uniformed Guarding Services — when you need to protect your resources, our fully trained, courteous and professional officers will ensure that your people and property are looked after with the highest quality of vigilant care.
In addition, Transworld Security can provide full service in the following areas:
  • Alarm Response — we can respond immediately to all types of alarm triggers, professionally handle the situation and follow up with a full report.
  • Bike Patrol — we have officers available to provide security services on bikes with a very effective approach.
  • Emergency Procedures and Protocols — we can develop customized Emergency Plans and Procedures to enhance the preparedness of your organization.
  • Event Security — our team of security personnel and crowd control staff will make your event safe and enjoyable with the peace of mind you need.
  • Fire Watch — we can provide immediate personnel to ensure your fire watch needs are met with confidence.
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing for Mold Contamination — our certified investigator can conduct indoor air quality testing and air collection samples for analysis to determine presence of toxic mold contamination.
  • Investigations and Consulting — we can provide you with various private investigative services as well as consultations for your investigative or security concerns.
  • K-9 Security Patrol and Protection — experienced law enforcement trained handlers and their canine partners can provide a more secure environment and higher deterremce level of your property or personal protection requirements.
  • K-9 Mold Inspection Service — a certified mold detection canine and certified handler can conduct the detection of mold in your commercial or residential structure.
  • Loss Prevention Officers — we can provide security professionals to handle all your retail security needs.
  • Mobile Notary Public — we have experienced Notaries that will come to your home, business, agency, or institution.
  • Mobile Inspection — Transworld’s distinctly marked patrol vehicles can check your premises both during and after business hours, providing you with complete confidence.
  • Process Service — our professional registered Process Server will handle all your court paper service needs.
  • Risk Assessments — our professional staff can review your security needs and recommend the very best and cost-effective solutions.
  • Recruitment Services — our talented, well educated staff can provide the personel you need without the associated time and hassle.
  • Uniformed and Plainclothes — our professional officers can protect your people and property and properly visibly or covertly.
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