Our Services
Transworld Security can provide full service in the following areas:
  1. Unarmed Services
    Our professional officers can protect your people and property and properly visibly or covertly.
    Our guards provide service to a wide array of clients including government buildings, retail shopping malls, educational facilities, heavy industrial sites (urban and remote locations), airports, pipelines, construction sites, financial institutions, rail and trucking yards, restaurants, sports facilities and labor disputes.
  2. Patrol Services
    Transworld’s distinctly marked patrol vehicles can check your premises both during and after business hours, providing you with complete confidence.
    This service provides excellent visible deterrent to opportunistic thieves or vandals, and is cost effective. Our highly visible patrol vehicles are broadly recognized in the industry and our rapid response units quickly respond to alarms, often well in advanceof police. Our drivers are specifically trained and our combined GPS technology verifies their presence at your site.
  3. Fire Watch Services
    Our fire watch guards are sharp-eyed and on the lookout for flammable or toxic waste to prevent any bigger disaster from occuring.
    Certain special events require the services of trained fire watch guards. A building may already have fire alarms, fire sprinklers and so on but what if there is a malfunction which creates a situation of heightened risk. This is where our faithful and loyal fire watch guards step in and resolve the situation immediately.
  4. Event Security Services
    Our officers will provide an excellent service in a very professional and discreet manner ensuring the safety of the venue at all times.
    From preparing the initial security details to wrapping it all up, our security guards will be there from beginning to end ensuring your event stays secure throughout. Through our in-house health and safety consultants we will perform a full risk assessment prior to the event ensuring we are fully prepared for all eventualities. Sporting Events, Social Events, Exhibitions and Conferences, Corporate, Functions, Award Ceremonies, Outdoor Events, Weddings, Concert Security.
  5. Bike Patrol
    We have officers available to provide security services on bikes with a very effective approach.
    Our security guards can dissuade thieves from retail outlets, man front desks at corporate facilities, provide crowd control at events, monitor CCTV surveillance and even patrol parking spaces. They act as a visual deterrent protecting property from theft, avoiding water and fire damage and deterring vandalism in all your properties.
  6. Loss Prevention
    With Our Service, the risk of theft is significantly lowered; with our retail security guards making it their business to protect your business.
    With Many years’ experience in the retail security division, our expertise is unrivalled throughout the USA and Canada Trained regularly, our security guards are experts when it comes to loss prevention – and can advise you on a variety of solutions relevant to you and your company’s needs. Our nationwide coverage makes us one of the most respected providers in retail security, and we are proud to guarantee this type of service as part of our national geographic coverage.
  7. Risk Assessments
    our professional staff can review your security needs and recommend the very best and cost-effective solutions.
    Your business might need to fulfill a variety of compliance requirements while at the same time might need a mobile security policy for a growing mobile workforce. A risk assessment is the foundation to guide you towards the best business decisions that balance both security and compliance.
    Remember: An alarm without a response is only a noise!
    Transworld Security supervisors check the building in full, reset alarms and secure the premises. If necessary Transworld Security Service liaise with the Police, repair contractors and emergency services in the event of something more serious.